LunaWallet will not for any reason whatsoever sell, trade, exchange, give or transfer any stored personal private or public information without the consent of the account holder. Limited information regarding accounts, such as account e-mail address will be displayed to other LunaWallet account holders with whom funds are sent and received. An account holder’s financial information, such as account balance, transactions history, bank account details will never be disclosed to anyone. Collected information may be used to administrate accounts, respond to account holders requests, display customised options based on interests and improve the services LunaWallet offers.

All account information is encrypted and stored on LunaWallets’s private web servers. These are located in a safe environment to prevent personal data stealing and guarantee the efficacy of the service provided to account holders. LunaWallet is secured by GeoTrust Inc. service and all information is transferred using a 256 bit SSL protection, which means it is effectively encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone.

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